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Saturday, November 15, 2003  

Firstly, I go to Santa Clara University. It's a private, Catholic school run by the Jesuits. Now, you might expect a somewhat traditional kind of school out of that. And indeed, the school newspaper points out that Santa Clara is " notoriously liberal as Rush Limbaugh...". However, that quote illustrates exactly what the problem is. These people think that "Conservative" means, "somewhat to the right of Dennis Kucinich." In short, many of the people here a liberal idiots. Now, the context of the above quote is in an article about.......a drag show. That's right, on this campus, the Gay and Lesbian "communities" are holding a drag show in the Bronco, a sports bar area in the main caffeteria area. Now, this is bad enough on it's own. But it gets worse. All over Benson (the caffeteria building) are pictures of the people in the drag show. There are men dressed as women, women dressed as men, two siblings dressed as the opposite gender, etc. Now, this is embarasing to everyone I've talked to. I brought my younger sister over to see my campus, and she had to see the pictures. Imagine a student who brings, for instance, a faithful Catholic grandmother to see his campus. He takes her around, and she wants to sit down and have something to eat. So, they stop in Benson, where she has to see the perverse pictures up. It's disturbing, shocking, and wrong.

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I had decided to retire my blog. College was going well, with few liberal outrages, and I thought I'd have no need of my blog. I was wrong. I will be blogging, I expect, quite a bit now.

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