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Wednesday, September 03, 2003  

Here's a nice Democratic Underground thread about why young men are often conservative. It has lots of man-bashing and psychological "analysis" of conservatives.

You know, I'm tired of this stuff. There was that study about what makes people conservative (in which they compared Reagan and Limbaugh to Hitler, then claimed that they were objective), and now there's this. And, well before I was even born, a bunch of liberal psychiatrists deemed Barry Goldwater mentally unstable, without ever meeting him or examining him in any serious way. Liberals believe that anyone who disagrees with them is sick or diseased.

I was planning on making up some stuff about what motivates liberals (like, they hate themselves and wish they hadn't been born, and so they support abortion), but my keyboard isn't working. Oh well, anything I made up would be made up anyway, for the simple reason that you can't diagnose a political ideology the way liberals seem intent on doing (of course, because of their worries about their own mental state :)).

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