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Wednesday, August 27, 2003  

Gary Aldrich writes about what's wrong with NASA.

Really, of course, a lot more is wrong with NASA than that. We need to start really trying to colonize space. For a culture to be free, you need an escape. Somewhere to go if your government is oppressing you. There's a treaty that says that no nation can form a colony on another world. Thus, any colonisation plans would have to be coordinated through the UN or a similar body. This of course eliminates all possiblity of ever actually claiming planets.

I say we do away with the treaty. Who needs it? Have a race! Let's see who can claim most of Mars! What space needs is competition. Competition helps everything. We've seen how a lack of competition ruins and corrupts things. We've seen it with education, we've seen it with NASA, and, in an extreme case, we've seen it with the economy of the Soviet Union. Competition almost always allows for the best result at the lowest cost.

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Armstrong Williams has an article about how Oberlin high school is requiring that a teacher of black history must be black. This is, of course, insane.

I'm of entirely European descent. If I were to take a class on European history, and find that my teacher was black, asian, or anything else, I'd assume they knew a great deal about European history. I wouldn't be offended. I wouldn't say that this teacher couldn't possibly understand European history because he's not of European descent. Similarly, if I were black, I wouldn't assume that my teacher had to be black to understand black history. To racially discriminate like that is simply wrong, and sends the message that there are in fact irreconcilable differences between ethnicities.

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