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Thursday, August 21, 2003  

Do liberals read the Constitution? What exactly do they think it says? I heard someone one CNN saying that Chief Justice Moore (you know, the Ten Commandments guy) had violated the Constitution by putting the Commandments in the court house. Last time I checked, Justice Moore was not "Congress" and putting up a stone with the Ten Commandments on it was not "making a law respecting the establishment of religion."

It seems as though the only part of the constitution that liberals respect is the "seperation of church and state." Which, of course, is no where to be found in the Constitution the rest of us read. I don't know, perhaps we have difficulty seeing the "penumbras".......

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003  

Apparently, this Sharia court aquited a guy of the rape of a nine year old girl because he's insane. Hmm, it makes me wonder what punishment the girl got for "having sex." Was she stoned to death? Perhaps she just got severely beaten... In a sane country, she'd get every kind of health care (both physical and mental) she needed, and the guy would be executed.

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Michelle Malkin has a good article on Cruz Bustamante's ties to MEChA. Now MEChA is the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan. Basically, it wants to give parts of the American Southwest to Mexico. Of course, one thing Californians might want to look for in a governor is "likelyhood to give the state to another country." With Bustamante, it's higher than it should be.

Now, MEChA in general is a scary group. Just this July I was at my university's orientation. I'm going to a medium sized, religiously affiliated (Catholic), and rather respected school. At the orientation, I was shocked at the presence of MEChA propaganda. I went to the MultiCultural center, because I was interested in there perhaps being clubs where you learn about other cultures, perhaps even an Irish club which might go and listen to music (I love Irish music). However, when I talked to the people at the table, they told me about the groups, including MEChA. I decided to play the "dumb kid with no opinion" so I asked them what that meant. He told me, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan. I told him I don't speak Spanish, which he kind of laughed at and translated, "Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan."

I knew a bit about this groups seperatist views, so I decided to ask him what the group was all about. Now, it's pretty obvious to anyone who looks at me that I'm not really hispanic. He looked at me and said, "It just promotes Mexican culture, ya know?" I thanked him for telling me about it and left. Later on, in the little bar-type place on campus, I saw banners for all the student organizations. Most were quite simple, for instance, CORE Christian Fellowship had an apple core, the Dancing Club had photos of people dancing, etc. But in the middle, and done in the complex style of a mexican mural, was the MEChA banner. It featured a man in the middle of a field whcich curved off behind him. He was wearing a hat and work clothes, and was quite obviously supposed to be Mexican. Above him was an eagle with a stick of dynamite and a machete, just as Michelle Malkin described in her article. In one corner was a map of North America. This map was quite altered. All of the Southwest (and much of the Northwest) was part of Mexico. This enlarged Mexico included Texas, Utah, most of Idaho, all of Oregon, some of Washington, a little of Montana and Wyoming, and of course all of New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

This all disappoints me. There are various groups for different ethnicities (I found out, there is an Irish club), but none of them seem to have the kind of violent revolution in mind that MEChA does. I can see a young person of Mexican descent joining MEChA, believing that it is in fact to "promote Mexican culture" and finding himself in a group that preaches hate and seperatism. Sadly, there is no club for people who might actually want to just enjoy what Mexican culture has to offer. I have nothing against groups that study and enjoy a certain culture. I'd join a group that studied a culture I was interested in. However, if I learned that the Irish club (or whatever) supported giving parts of America to Ireland and the destruction or at least second-class citizenship of non-Irish people, I would have nothing to do with it. I would tell everyone to do the same! If you happen to be a student of Mexican descent who wants a "Mexican club" on campus but doesn't agree with MEChA's hate-filled views, don't join MEChA! Start your own group! If the MEChA people confront you on it, you wouldn't even have to say you opposed MEChA. You could just say it was too political for you, and that your group was just about culture (food and music and such).

It sickens me that this group gets money from university funds, and it sickens me more that we may have a governor soon who supports such a group.

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