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Tuesday, August 05, 2003  

This is an interesting article from Christina Hoff Sommers about the efforts to feminize boys. In fact, they're worse than most experts imagine. Invariably in elementary schools, teachers favor girls. My third grade teacher once outright stated to the class that girls are better than boys. I was recently talking to a (male) science teacher from eigth grade, and he said "guys are idiots." I believe that the root of this is in fact the feminist complaint that teachers favor boys. New teachers hear that old lie, and work to correct it. A new teacher may think, "I won't favor boys! I'll favor the girls and give them some self-esteem!" This results in schools full of such teachers, and the invariable prefference towards girls and femininity in general. If you look at many of the books targeted at young children, they portray girls as civilized paragons of virtue, and boys as uncivilized, incorrigible barbarians. At least, most of the stories we read in elementary school were like that.

As Sommers points out in her article, boys and girls are simply different. Her example about girls going into the desert and writing journals about their feelings is perfect. I in fact keep a journal, but it never records my feelings. I write about events, actions, how cool it was to climb around in those ruins in County Limerick, etc. I don't know what girl's journals look like, but if T.V. shows have any truth to them, then they are about their feelings and the boys they like. Now, of course men and women can share interests (you know, American history, astronomy, art, etc.) but the more basic interests (feelings, action, etc.) are different. In short, any effort to feminize boys (or, for that matter, masculize girls) will fail.

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