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Friday, July 18, 2003  

Well everyone, tommorrow I'm flying to Ireland. I'm going to be there for two weeks, so I guess you shouldn't expect any posts from me for a while. However, I'll try to post somehow from Ireland, and if I can't, expect some posts from me in two weeks. I'll have information about what I saw in Ireland, and perhaps some interesting stories, so be sure to check back!

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Thursday, July 17, 2003  

Well, I guess the New York Times is now in the business of bashing Catholics. I wonder a few things. First of all, why the NYT would want to offend such a huge group. Secondly, why do some Catholics (I'm not sure about the exact statistics) still cling to the Democratic party? Liberals make it clear that they hate them. Now, I understand that many Catholics opposed the war, but it seems the democrats do a great many more things in direct contradicion with Catholic doctrine.

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New link! I've added a link to Matt Margolis's site.. Check it out sometime.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003  

Riiight Dean has a huge advantage because he's blogging. As far as I've seen, liberal blogs are pretty hard to come by (of course, I've not been looking to come by them). I'm pretty sure that Dean's blog isn't going to win him any support that he didn't already have.

I especially love this quote from the article

Bloggers -- who run the gamut from political writers such as Andrew Sullivan to tech geeks talking about software code to people who care intensely about ferrets -- think blogs embody 21st-century democracy.

I'm not sure who exactly believes that. As it is, blogs have nothing to do with 21st-century democracy. It's not like we bloggers are the citizens who get to vote on important issues! All blogs are is a way to make what you write availiable, for others to read or more likely ignore.

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These sickos should be executed That's pretty much all I have to say about that.

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Well, the "Recall Gray Davis" petition here in California got enough signatures. I actually never signed it. I voted for Bill Simon, of course, and then when he lost I figured we were stuck with Davis. I do in fact want Gray Davis to not be the governor anymore, but I fear that he might resign before the vote, leaving us with Governor Cruz Bustamonte. This cannot be allowed to happen. Bustamonte is far worse than Davis. I suppose Davis will be recalled, I can just pray that he doesn't first resign.

(BTW, if my understanding of the situation is incorect, please corect me. Especially if there's no way for Bustamonte to take over. That's a horrible thought.)

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Jonah Goldberg has an interesting article about how Jerry Springer seems to be running against him. I must say it's funny because it's true. Springer will most likely win, and it will be in part because of one sentence Jonah Goldberg used on TV. Now, there is the matter of how damaging this will be for the country. Some people just shouldn't have any power, ever. Jerry Springer is one of these.

In fact, I quite agree with Goldberg about voter turnout. Voter turnout is not always a good thing. I remember once I was watching CMT (I like country music) and they were doing this "Love your country: vote!" thing, sort of a sister program to "Rock the Vote." Anyway, this one guy was up there, and he said, "I don't really know about the issues, but I just want to make sure my voice gets heard." Well, if you don't know a thing about something, should your "voice" really matter? I mean, no one thinks my "voice should be heard" in a neurologist's operating room! That's because I don't know. Similarly, people inclined not to vote shouldn't be harrassed, cajoled, or required to vote, because they really don't care. Low voter turnout isn't a problem. The people who choose not to vote do just that: choose not to vote. Whether it's because they don't like any candidate, just don't care, or don't even know when the election is, they simply shouldn't be voting.

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This is so disgusting. Apparently, in Missouri, funding for abortion alternative programs is being removed. Now, really I don't see why such programs need to be funded by the government, but so long as abortions are state funded, people who offer alternatives should be state funded.

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Why?! Why would anyone do this? Seriously, messing with human embryos like this is wrong. We simply aren't gods, and don't know what's going to happen with everything we do. To me, creating a, as they say in the link, "She-male" embryo is simply evil.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003  

Wow, has anyone heard about This? Apparently there's an act to get us out of the UN. I hope it passes. The UN does nothing for us, and we continue to support them. In fact, they try to hinder our goals.

The very idea of the UN is fundementally flawed. It does not represent the will of the world's people. Rather, it represents the will of the world's governments. That's quite a difference. It wouldn't be a problem, if every government were a republic, but they are not. Instead, many nations are ruled by despots and cliques, which do not reflect the needs and desires of their subjects. Such a government has power in the UN, and the UN is thus swayed to support these governments, at least in part. The ambasadors to the UN are simply not democratically elected.

If someone were to create an organization of free nations, with the representatives thereof elected by each nation's people, I would support it. Of course, it shouldn't be supreme over a nation's own sovreignty, but it would be able to facilitate diplomacy and trade between the free nations, and keep them closer to eachother than to tyrannies. This could be a good thing.

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Monday, July 14, 2003  

This is so unbelievable, I'd need proof to actually believe it. If it is true, it is horrible. Forced abortion is one of the sickest, most depraved, and most evil things I can think of. Any group that performs them or funds them is worthy of condemnation. I don't care what else they do! No good is good enough that we should tolerate forced abortions.

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