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Wednesday, July 09, 2003  

Interesting, isn't it how when Reagan and Bush were in office there was a "homeless problem." During Clinton's two terms it magically disappeared! Now that W. Bush is in office, it's back! Amazing, isn't it?!?!

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This is good. Pro-life women are in the majority. I do wonder what the statistic is for men. This statistic is very encouraging. Abortion in fact hurts women as well as their children. It hurts women psychologically and even physically. Ending abortion (except in extreme cases) would in fact help women.

The abortion industry is not in business to help women. In fact, they exploit the women who get abortions. They don't care about her or her life or any of the traumas that the abortion will put her through. They care about getting the next one in to do more abortions and make more money. It is good that most women oppose abortion. They realize what it does to women.

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Go over and look at Frank J.'s site! It's his blog aniversary, and you need to help him celebrate!

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Sunday, July 06, 2003  

Trevalyan has a sad story up right now. It's about some girl he met who's addicted to drugs. The fact that drugs are so addictive is in fact a good reason not to legalize them. Now, I know it's hypocritical for alcohol to be legal but other drugs not, but there's a difference. I actually don't support the use of alcohol, but I understand that it is a part of out culture. Other drugs are not, as of now, a major part of our culture. Legalizing them would effectively make them part of our culture. The "drug war" may not be working properly, but it is not fundementally a bad idea.

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