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Tuesday, May 27, 2003  

Vist Right Wing News to help me win a contest!

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Sunday, May 25, 2003  

Well, there's a vote about partial birth abortion. It had better be banned. There is no excuse for it. Partial birth abortion is pure evil, an act of murder and infanticide.

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Well, this is sufficiently ill. Apparently 25 percent of Americans believe in equal rights for animals. Do they understand what that would mean? Seriously, do they? They want animals voting, carrying guns, and getting fair trials for their crimes? Imagine it. Animals committ crimes against other animals all the time. Will the victims have the right to justice? If a wolf kills a deer, does the wolf get the death penalty? Then how are carnivorous animals supposed to survive? Amazingly, while 25 percent believe in equal rights for animals, only four percent are vegetarians (and 37 percent of those have eaten red meat in the last 24 hours). So are people who eat meat cannibals? Do those 25 percent feel it's always wrong to eat meat, and yet many of them eat it?

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The world's largest flower bloomed in Germany. Apparently it's quite foul smelling. Didn't this happen on the Simpsons one time?

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This is disgusting. Apparently some people in the Congo have decided that eating pygmy flesh gives them magic powers. Thus, they are hunting pygmies in the forests and eating them, as though they are animals. This is absolutely sick.

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The New York Times has an article about young conservatives. Unfortunately, registration is required, but I do suggest you read the article. Now, I love the condescending language in it. It has some good information, but it just can't avoid being as sarcastic and cruel about these people's beliefs as it can. I think it makes a mistake to say that young conservatives do in fat believe in political correctness. That isn't true. Some of us may be politically correct in order to seem "respectable" by liberals, but I don't know of any conservative who actually believes the concept of it.

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Pictures of Earth from Mars. These pictures are amazing. The first pictures showing what Earth looks like from another planet. I've wondered for a long time how Earth would look from Mars, actually. I imagined it as a sort of blue and green Venus. It's probably quite bright, seeing as Mars is quite close to Earth.

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