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Thursday, February 13, 2003  

Humans taste good to all lions. So, if you thought you were safe around healthy lions, you're not.

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The Jedi religion seems to be taking off in Great Britain. Of course, this is absolutely ridiculous. The Jedi aren't even really a religion in the movies, they're more like an order of knights. Since none of this religions "believers" actually believe that the Force exists and can be manipulated, I'll not take them seriously.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2003  

One more thing, about cloning. Why is it that you'll always hear proponents of cloning say "I'm for therapeutic cloning, but not reproductive cloning"? Therapeutic cloning always results in the death of a fetus or embryo, whereas reproductive cloning results in a baby being born. It seems to me that, though both kinds of human cloning are wrong, reproductive cloning is a lot better than therapeutic cloning.

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Apparently a lot of gays are really happy about human cloning. Some of the quotes in this article are downright scary. Like the one about men "justifying their existance on this planet." This is one reason cloning should be illegal.

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Interesting thing here from Agape Press. I'll never understand why pro-choicers tend to oppose education about options, abstinence education, etc. They all say they're personally opposed to abortion or that they don't think abortion is a good thing, but then they don't want any anti-abortion ideas to be heard. The article I linked to suspects that they just want money. I don't know. That's a possibility, but it somehow doesn't seem right. Do they really just like abortion and want there to be more of them?

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Tuesday, February 11, 2003  

Quite an over-reaction to a little rhyme. I bet the flight attendant had never heard the racist version of this and probably didn't even mean to single out these two women.

Thanks to Tongue Tied for linking to this.

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Glen Reynolds of InstaPundit has an
Interesting Article on American Imperialsm (or lack of same). It makes good points about how America would behave were she truly an empire.

I think that a simple observation of America and Americans will tell anyone that we aren't an empire, or if we are, that we're a particularly lame empire. The United States is slow to go to war. We seem to wait until the last possible moment and then only go to war if we really, really have to. And, average Americans are not like citizens of an empire. A major criticism of Americans by the same sort of people who say we're an empire is that we don't know about geography. An empire would likely teach its citizens a great deal about geography, if only out of pride in its conquests. An average American really doesn't care about whats going on with different countries. America,far from being imperialist, is perhaps the most restrained nation in the history of the world.

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Homeland Security wants people to be more prepared for terrorist attacks. This makes sense, though I expect most Americans will fail to heed the warnings. Terrorism seems to those of us who were not directly effected somewhat remote, something that could never happen to us. Well, we need to be careful that it doesn't happen to us, and part of that is being properly prepared.

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Patrick Ruffini has an interesting idea for a conservative political drama. Of course we all know that will never happen, but his ideas on here for episodes look pretty good. I would like to see a White House drama where every four years the people vote for two fictional candidates, and then whoever wins gets to be the fake president for four years...

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These Canadians are upset about the use of the word "gun" on a first-grade spelling list. Apparently, seeing the word "gun" is violent. I don't know exactly what they're talking about. I mean, I've heard the word gun lots of times, and never has it driven me into a murderous frenzy. But, I suppose people are different.

Really, I don't think the word gun really needs to be on a spelling list. 'Fun' would work just as well and has the same sound. However, I'm certain having the word 'gun' on a test won't hurt anyone.

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Monday, February 10, 2003  

Okay, I changed the name to ThisSide because I am on a specific political side

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Thomas Sowell has some interesting points about affirmative action on Townhall. It makes sense that businesses would support affirmative action for the reasons he states.

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I just found out about This website
Since it was formerly at, and my URL is, I think I might need to change that.

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Suzanne Fields has a good article on Townhall about conservatives. I like the part where she says, "Gone were the dowdy woman and stuffy men of yesteryear. There was a relaxed, casual dress and demeanor, a sense of confidence with a like-minded(more or less) man in the White House." That is, I'm afraid, what regular, middle-of-the-road sort of people don't understand about conservatives. They think we're all sitting around in suits and ties all the time, and that we're all rich. Thats why, I would guess, there are more independents. The average person is more conservative than liberal, but they don't identify themselves that way.

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The editors of National Review have an interesting piece up today, though short Space Shuttle Article about the shuttle tragedy and where to go from here. I quite agree with them. The shuttle program has ceased to really do very much. We grow plants in space, expirement with frogs, etc., none of which is particularly interesting or important. What we really need here is some sort of huge exploration, like a colonization mission to Mars, to get people excited about space and get some real exploration done.

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This is just a test

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Elen sila lumenn omentielvo!

Well, here's my first post. Hopefully I can actually get an audience. As the title would indicate, this is a conservative blog featuring my thoughts on politics and some other stuff. So, thank you for reading and I look forward to posting in the future

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